Meet Michele


I’m Michele, founding owner and designer beyond the paper. I've always loved creating- be it painting, drawing, crafting- my heart is right at home when I make beauty to share with others. I love color and take pride in expertly developing gorgeous palettes and creating pretty paper!

As a kid, my family traveled the globe. We lived overseas during my elementary years and as such, I kept in touch with my friends like any girl in the 1990’s would- via pen and paper. I did a happy dance every time I’d get a letter from halfway around the world. I’d immediately start a response on colorful stationery (Lisa Frank anyone?), of course. I had oodles of paper sets and pens. I’d place stickers around the envelope, write the addressee in big bubble letters, and place it in the mailbox for my friend, anxiously awaiting a reply. Looking back, I guess you could say this is when my love of pretty paper started.

I actually started my adult life as a zookeeper, not an artist! I took care of, trained, and educated people about different wildlife. When I left the zoo world to be a stay at home mama, it wasn’t long before I decided to refine my style and sell my designs… and in our spare bedroom of an office, a business was born.